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DA-5000 breath-analyzer-da-5000
icon 3-digit ruby-red LED display
icon Replaceable pre-calibrated sensor module type
icon Flow Error checking technology
icon Easy to use - Operation by one button

Hygienic Mouthpiece Clear Display Flow check and Low battery display
Hygienic Mouthpiece Clear Display  
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- Digital Breathalyzer Alcofind DA-5000
- 2 (two) AA size Batteries
- 6 (six) Mouthpieces
- Carrying Pouch
- User's Manual
Indication of B.A.C.   0.00 ~ 0.40%BAC
  0.00 ~ 4.00 ‰
  0.00 ~ 2.00mg/l
Accuracy   +/- 0.1‰ at 1.0‰ at 25℃
Warm up time   Within 20 seconds at 0.50g/l(‰)
Response time   Within 5 seconds at 0.50g/l(‰)
Sensor   Semiconductor Sensor
Power supply   2 (two) AA size alkaline batteries
Battery Life   Approx. 300 tests
Dimensions (W x H x D)   59.5mm x 116mm x 28mm
Weight   107g including batteries
Calibration   every 6 months or after 200 tests
Operating temperature   0 ~ 40℃
The specifications are subject to change without prior notice for functional improvements.